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Integrated Child Care Programme (ICCP)

ICCP is an inclusive child care programme for children requiring low level of Early Intervention (EI) support. Providing these children with a natural learning environment alongside mainstream peers will help prepare them for future entry into mainstream primary education.

Please note that the ICCP will cease effect from 1 April 2024. For more information on Early Intervention programmes that can support your child in preschool, you may visit the Enabling Guide or contact SG Enable

To source for preschool options for your child, you may wish to visit the Preschool Search Portal to explore options available. For further assistance, you may discuss your case with your assigned SG Enable case worker.


The Integrated Child Care Programme (ICCP) provides a natural environment for children with mild special needs to learn, play and socialise alongside their mainstream peers, preparing them for future entry into mainstream education.

No intervention services will be provided in this programme, although the mainstream curriculum could be modified to accommodate the child with special needs.

The progress of each child will be monitored, with regular parent-teacher feedback sessions.

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