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Supporting and Guiding Others

Caregivers are learning every day. Seasoned caregivers have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences – something that those new to caregiving can certainly benefit from.

Caregivers face challenges and multiple stresses physically, emotionally and financially. Those who have been through the caregiving journey can share relevant experiences and inspiring stories to give new caregivers encouragement and hope. By contributing to a supportive learning environment for caregivers to become mentors, seasoned caregivers will not only find companions to share their journey with, but also will find that their caregiving skills can be enhanced, interpersonal communication skills developed and thus increase their confidence and motivation in their own caregiving journey.

Caregivers can be inspiring and your story can give others much encouragement and hope – such as these recipients of in the Model Caregiver Awards  (AWWA), Singapore Health Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Awards. For more inspiring stories relating to persons with disabilities, check out our Stories page.

Support other caregivers as a CAREbuddy

CAREbuddy is a support service by CaringSG, a caregiver-led initiative for caregivers of persons with special needs. CAREbuddies are volunteers who befriend fellow caregivers on a one-to-one basis and journey with them through a six-month period.

If you are interested to volunteer as a CAREbuddy, you can sign up for CaringSG’s Caregiver Volunteer Training, which will equip you with knowledge and skills to support fellow caregivers effectively.

To find out more, please write to

Alternatively, if you are interested to set up a caregiver support network, you can refer to this  step-by step guide.


Empower caregivers and improve their well-being through the Caregiver Empowerment Fund

The Caregiver Empowerment Fund provides up to six months of funding for ground-up initiatives that empower caregivers of persons with disabilities to better care for their care recipients and themselves.

Funded projects will receive up to $5,000. The fund is open to applications from caregivers of persons with disabilities, caregiver support groups or organisations (Social Service Agencies and/or Social Enterprises) that support caregivers of persons with disabilities. The proposed project should promote sustained engagement among caregivers and benefit a minimum of 10 caregivers in one or more of the following areas:

  • Increased access to information or resources 
  • Strengthened social networks
  • Improved physical and/or mental well-being 
  • Enhanced caregiving knowledge or skills 

If you are interested to apply or find out more about the fund, please write to

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