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VR Resources

To support caregivers, Virtual Reality (VR) modules are available for caregivers to impart life skills to care recipients and help them better understand how their care recipients experience the world. Through these modules. we hope caregivers can better equip their care recipients when dealing with various situations, allowing persons with disabilities to practise life skills in a safe virtual space.

It is recommended to watch all modules with VR goggles. You may access the modules either via YouTube or the Storyhive app. For more information on the use of the app, please click User Guide to using StoryHive for a VR experience.


A Visit to the Dentist

A Visit to the Dentist is a module that aims to facilitate the teaching of dental hygiene and ease anxiety faced by persons with disabilities during dental visits.

A walk-through of various scenes will enable users to familiarise themselves with the dental clinic setting and common dental procedures, such as scaling and polishing of teeth.

The module is filmed from a first-person perspective for users to have an immersive experience. It also comes with pictorial representations to the PECS system within each scene to guide persons with special needs through various tasks. A reward system where users are rewarded with a star after the completion of each scene is also included.

To view:

Please visit A Visit to the Dentist on YouTube.


Please search for the module ‘Dental Visit’ on Storyhive app.


Buying Food at the Food Court

In the process of buying food, it is common to experience scenarios such as the desired food option is not available or being unable to find seats in a crowded food court. Buying Food at the Food Court aims to present some of the commonly faced issues and provide a platform for caregivers, teachers or job coaches to further discuss and guide persons with disabilities on how to manage such situations.

This VR training module has three main themes: (i) Queue-cutting behaviour, (ii) Food Choice not available and (iii) Finding a seat/sharing of tables in a crowded food court.

To view:

Version for persons with disabilities

Please visit Buying food at the Food Court on YouTube.

Version for caregivers

Please search for the module ‘Buying Food’ on Storyhive app. This module builds on the <Buying food at the Food Court> module by inserting tips for caregivers to guide them how to handle the unexpected scenarios raised. Some examples include preparing care recipients in advance and providing positive reinforcements for good conduct.

Users may also refer to Tips for Caregivers for the tips listed in the module.


A Trip to the Supermarket

Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have different ways of processing or integrating stimuli such as touch, hearing and sight. This may lead to sensory overload and a meltdown in extreme cases.

Filmed from the perspective of someone with autism, this module aims to bring users into the world of persons with autism and get users to experience how common stimuli during a routine trip to the supermarket can potentially be overwhelming for persons with autism. Through this module, users can better understand how persons with autism experience the world and have more empathy when interacting with them. 

Note: Persons with autism interact with the environment and process the stimuli differently. Not all will undergo sensory overload experiences like the one presented in this module.

To view:

Please visit A Trip to the Supermarket on YouTube.


Please search for the module ‘Supermarket Trip’ on Storyhive app.   

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