Reading for meaning or reading comprehension is an area of difficulty for some children on the autism spectrum.

A shared reading approach known as Dialogic Reading (DR) uses specific prompts to encourage an interactive dialogue to enhance the oral language skills necessary for future reading comprehension. DR has been adapted to include specific prompts to elicit joint attention and interaction with children on the autism spectrum.

‘Backward Chaining’ and ‘Look Say Cover Write Check (LSCWC)’ are two strategies that are used to teach the child spelling in a way that encourages self-checking and evaluation.  

Backward Chaining minimizes mistakes and allows the child to have the immediate satisfaction of completing the task which provides a natural reinforcement. LSCWC uses a systematic approach and is able to incorporate multisensory strategies. 

This training includes watching videos or demonstrations of the approaches / strategies. Participants will also get to practice the strategies with feedback provided.


Upon completion of the training workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the learning strengths and difficulties of young children with autism 
  • Understand key tools and strategies to support learning
  • Application of tools and strategies to leverage on the child’s strengths to support his/her learning


Parents and Caregivers:
  • Planning to enrol OR have enrolled their child on the autism spectrum in a mainstream Primary School
  • Whose child on the autism spectrum is currently in lower primary in a mainstream school
  • Full fee: S$78 per participant
  • After Caregiver Training Grant (CTG): S$10 per caregiver
    Find out more about CTG here.