Art Camp 4 to 6 Dec, 2pm to 6pm

Unlock your child's creativity and imagination at our Kids Art Camp (4-6 Dec)! Join us for one, two, or three days of an exciting journey into the world of colors, shapes, and creative self-expression! Our engaging and experienced instructors will guide young artists through a variety of fun art activities! Each Kids Art Camp day will include a painting session, followed by clay making (Day 1 - 4 Dec), bauble painting (Day 2 - 5 Dec), and soap making (Day 3 - 6 Dec). each day promises a new adventure in art. 4 Dec: Art Jam + Clay making ($90) 5 Dec: Art Jam + Bauble painting ($85) 6 Dec: Art jam + Soap making ($100) Value: $275

*Please register Kids Art Camp directly from Art for Good's official website, as the price varies depending on which workshops you are interested in*

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