Meet Fatimah, the little girl who loves to smile, play and dance in her Magic Socks! 


But wait, what makes the socks magical? They are mismatched, that's why! 


One rainy afternoon, Fatimah meets a mysterious and magical lion that takes her on an unexpected adventure. Step into a thrilling new world as Fatimah finds out the true meaning of friendship, the joy of laughter and the power of… magical socks! Dance, laugh, sing, and let your imagination run wild with Fatimah in this lively and whimsical theatrical delight. 


Adapted from the children’s book Fatimah and her Magic Socks, written by Zizi Azah Abdul Majid.


PIP Says 

This is a text-based performance with lots of song and dance. Through the use of your imagination, the play explores the concept of uniqueness and encourages the development of a positive self-concept. This is a great play to learn of how we can always show appreciation and care for others and ourselves.