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Assistive Technology and IT

Funding Schemes available to purchase and repair assistive technology devices and support services.

Actions To take

  • Consider tapping on the various schemes and funds to purchase and repair assistive technology devices and support services.

Digital Access programme

The Digital Access programme equips low-income households, students, and persons with disabilities, with digital tools so that they can get connected and be empowered by technology. DigitalAccess@Home provides subsidised broadband and laptops/tablets to lower-income households to support their lifestyle needs, including work and social activities.

Assistive Technology Fund (ATF)

ATF is a means-tested subsidy that helps defray up to 90% of the cost of buying, replacing and repairing assistive technology (AT) devices used for education, employment, training and independent living. There is a lifetime cap of $40,000 for the subsidies.

Both Singapore Citizens and PRs are eligible. Applicants will need to be assessed by professionals e.g. therapists in hospitals and SSAs, who will also prescribe suitable devices and submit the application for the applicant. ATF can be used to subsidise the costs of devices related to home modifications, such as grab bars and ramps, but not those related to vehicle modifications.

Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)

SMF is a means-tested subsidy for the purchase of AT devices and home healthcare items, to support elderly Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above. Assistive devices supported under SMF include walking sticks, wheelchairs, pressure relief cushions and commodes, as well as home healthcare products like milk supplements and adult diapers.

Special Education Needs (SEN) Fund

This fund by the Ministry of Education (MOE) helps to defray the costs of buying MOE-approved AT devices or support services.

Only Polytechnic and ITE students with physical or sensory impairment are which are Singapore Citizens are eligible.

Publicly-funded universities and arts institutions such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) have their own SEN Funds.

Students with disabilities can check with the school for more information.

Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE)

The EASE programme subsidises the cost of home modifications to make HDB apartments more senior friendly. Subsidies are computed based on the type of HDB flat e.g. 3-room, executive flat.

Flat owners who are Singapore Citizens qualify for EASE if a family member in the household is

  • 65 years old and above; or
  • 60 and 64 years old and requires assistance with at least 1 Activity of Daily Living (ADL)

Improvement items include slip resistance treatment for floor tiles, grab bars in toilets and single and multi-step ramps.

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