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The Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as individual mainstream and Special Education (SPED) schools provide various forms of financial assistance to their students, including cash grants and assistance in kind, such as free textbooks.

Actions To take

  • Speak directly to your child’s school to find out more about the Financial Assistance Schemes that are available.

Financial assistance for SPED school students

SPED Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

Singapore Citizens from low-income families attending SPED schools may be eligible for SPED FAS, which is provided by MOE and National Council of Social Service.

This scheme is means-tested. Eligible students get a full waiver of school fees, textbooks and school attire. Apply at the child’s SPED school directly.


Financial assistance from SPED schools

Individual SPED schools also offer their own forms of financial assistance to students. For example, all MOE-funded SPED schools are given a grant for Discretionary Financial Assistance (DFA), to be given out by the school. Caregivers may wish to ask their respective SPED school for more information.


Financial assistance for mainstream school students

There are various financial assistance schemes by MOE, depending on the school type – government and government-aided schools, independent schools, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). The schemes are means-tested unless indicated otherwise:

Schools may also have their own financial assistance schemes. Approach your school for more information.


Other sources of financial support


Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

PSEA is an account maintained by the government for Singapore Citizens, to help parents save for their child’s post-secondary education. It is administered by MOE and is open to all eligible Singapore Citizens.

PSEA account holders can use their PSEA funds to pay for their own or their siblings' fees and charges for approved programmes at:

  • Autonomous universities, polytechnics and arts institutions (LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts)
  • Public and private training providers
  • Government-supported SPED schools
  • SG Enable

For more information on using PSEA funds, see below:

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