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Development Support (DS) and Learning Support (LS) Programme

The Development Support (DS) and Learning Support (LS) Programme is a short-term intervention programme that prepares children who require low levels of EI support for mainstream primary school education. This programme is currently under the purview of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).


There are two types of support:

(i) Learning Support (LS)
By Learning Support Educators (LSEds).

(ii) Developmental Support (DS)
By trained therapists, educational therapy professionals or educational psychologist and LSEds for in-class support.

Table 1: Overview of the Development Support (DS)and Learning Support (LS) Programme

 Learning Support (LS)Developmental Support (DS)
Duration of SupportUp to 3 monthsFor 4 months
Areas of SupportChild will only receive 1 DS or LS package at any one time. The LS package focuses on one of the following based on child's assessed need:
  1. Literacy Skills
  2. Language Skills
  3. Fine Motor Skills
  4. Social Skills
Child will only receive 1 DS or LS package at any one time. The DS package focuses on one of the following based on child's assessed need:
  1. Occupational Therapy
  2. Speech and Language Therapy
  3. Educational Support
  4. Psychology
Support Outcomes
  1. Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    IEP is a customised plan to chart the child’s learning and developmental growth. The IEP contains details such as the assessment outcomes, intervention needs as well as the review of the child’s progress during the period of support.

  2. End of Intervention (EOI) Report
    EOI is a report written by the LSEd and/or therapist at the end of the package to summarise the child’s progress and includes recommendations, outcomes and follow-up plan for the child.
Session ModeIndividualised / Small group / Classroom-based (co-teaching with the preschool teacher)
FrequencyAbout 1 hour per session, once a week

You may find more information on the respective DS and LS packages here.

If you are interested in the support process for your child during DS-LS, find out how in this four-step cycle .

Who is Eligible?

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The DS-LS programme is for children who are:

  • Enrolled in preschools (K1 and K2 levels) at the point of intervention;
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents; and
  • Not concurrently enrolled in any other ECDA-funded EI programmes (i.e. EIPIC, DS-Plus programmes).

How to Apply?

The DS-LS programme is currently being rolled out to more preschools over the next few years so that more children can have access to it. If your child is suitable for the programme, his/her preschool will contact you with more details. If your child’s preschool currently does not offer DS-LS, you may ask them to contact the Therapy Teams.

More Information

To enhance the affordability of Early Intervention services, MSF has broadened the income criteria for means-tested subsidies and lower fee caps for these services. Fees for DS and LS have been revised downward since 1 April 2019.

For more information on the enhancements to the affordability of early intervention services, please refer to MSF's Press Release.

For more information about DS and LS, please contact your preschool or refer to the following documents: 

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