KKH co-workers chatting and laughing happily

Ms Lim Lin Li has been with the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) for about 8 years. She works as Senior Admissions Assistant, helping patients with their admission procedures as well as hospitalisation bills. She uses a motorised wheelchair, relying mostly on her right arm for her tasks.

KKH has done much to accommodate Lin Li at the workstation. Lin Li said, “I can’t reach high areas but I need to photocopy personal data. [So] I have a printer beside the counter. The counter was also made bigger to suit my wheelchair.”

Yet KKH looks beyond the physical accommodations, choosing to focus on the benefits of an inclusive culture. Said Ms Chua Pek Kim, the Chief Human Resource Officer, Human Resources Division at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, “An inclusive workplace would be a place where employees are open-minded. They’re able to accommodate the needs of people with different abilities. It’s also a place where I see resilience and kindness among fellow colleagues.”

We visited Lin Li and filmed her at her workplace. Check out the full video: